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Squid 3.5.24 Crack




Thanks to the various developers who helped improve the code quality and performance of the web cache server. New Features ------------ * [Bug Fixes] - resolve_virtual_host() and resolve_virtual_host_ipv6() has been fixed to allow the traffic on the same interface as the origin server to be cached. - Squid now detects a change in the inet6 traffic from the previous release and restarts itself on LAN/WAN interfaces. This is particularly useful for WAN deployments where the interface for WAN traffic may change after the previous version was deployed. - Fixed a bug in the web site manager that broke the 'web_site_manager_command' option to 'none' - Fixed a problem in remote_addr_resolve() that meant that there would be references to a non-existent part of the origin server's address space. - Fixed a problem in http_unsupported_method() that caused exceptions to be thrown. - Fix a problem in http_unsupported_method() that caused cache server status messages to be displayed after 404 replies. - http_version() now returns the HTTP protocol version that the client is using - Fixed a bug in the web site manager that caused the notifier to fail to handle the return code of 'no' for 'copy web site' and 'copy web root'. - Fixed a bug in the web site manager that caused a crash when the web site'status' option was set to 'on'. - Fixed a bug in the http_unsupported_method() that caused it to misinterpret line endings when they were translated to CRLF. - http_method() now returns the HTTP method that the client is using. - http_send_header() has been fixed to support line breaks in the header. - Fixed a problem in write_log() that caused squirreldb files to be opened in append mode by default. - The options have been moved to a separate file Squid-Options.conf. In addition there are now command line options for the apache rewrite rules (httpd) and the log file path (logfile) to configure log file output. - Fixed a bug in Squid that could cause it to be told to serve files from an unreachable server. - Fixed a bug in Squid that could cause timeouts to occur when there were



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Squid 3.5.24 Crack

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